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All prices below reflect the pictured base panels, using basic Club Speed turf on top.
Nylon turf upgrades incur an extra charge.
Name Description Price
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Which Turf Will You Choose?

Club Speed - The standard TourLinks turf supplied with all of their products. A good turf that gives a sufficient amount of feedback to improve your game. Not recommended for year-round outdoor use.

Putters Edge PAR 1™ - The king of turfs, giving you unparalleled roll and feedback. Professional-level nylon turf used by golfers that need the best, it is quick-rolling and championship speed.

Putters Edge PAR 2™ - A top-level nylon turf just like PAR 1, that simulates most local golf courses. Tough and able to handle all-weather use, like PAR 1.

Putters Edge of Arizona
presents TourLinks!

Choose Tour Links Club Speed Turf
or Upgrade to Putters Edge Nylon Turf

Putters Edge of Arizona is proud to offer TourLinks
putting green products, either with standard Club Speed turf
or upgraded to Putters Edge PAR™ Turf!

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