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"Putter's Edge is the only synthetic turf that we have researched that reacts like a real green." - Gary Gallagher, Global Product Marketing Manager, TaylorMade Golf

We love golf
as much as you,

so you're sure to improve your score with products from
Putter's Edge of Arizona

Putting Greens and more...

The cornerstone of our outstanding putting greens
and short-game practice facilities is PAR Turf™,
our Pure Absolute Roll™ turf product line.

Our PAR series of turfs has been created through years of research and development, working directly with our mills to create the finest nylon playing surfaces available today. PAR Turf is available in 3 distinct versions, each designed to provide flexibility in meeting your specific needs:

  • PAR 1 - Our purest and fastest putting surface simulates championship greens
    and stimps at 10.5
  • PAR 2 - Our most flexible and popular putting surface holds chips from 25 yards
    and stimps at 9.5
  • PAR 3 - Holds shots from up to 80 yards!
    The pure absolute roll stimps at about 9.0
Unlike the original deep sand-filled greens which are still widely promoted today, our high-tech nylon greens do not require the deep sand infill used by others to sturdy inferior putting green turf fibers. We use a highly durable nylon fiber coupled with a proprietary "tufting" process resulting in a turf that will provide high performance play year after year. We're so confident, we back our turf with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

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Our tagline is more than a marketing slogan, it's what we believe.

Transform your Yard.  The addition of a Putter's Edge of Arizona putting green will indeed transform your yard. Putting greens add beauty and recreation to your home's exterior space. Family, friends and associates will enjoy long hours of entertainment value from your yard's beautiful new additions. Our design commitment is always to deliver an integrated package that complements your new or existing landscaping.

Transform your Game.  Beyond the value of your family's recreational entertainment, those who are serious about game improvement will see significant results in their golf games with a Putter's Edge green. Our designs can include a variety of short-game practice options including stand-alone chipping platforms or even a bunker.

In a typical round, the average player will accumulate 50-60 chipping and putting strokes. Regardless of your full-swing skill, refining your short-game feel and confidence is the surest way to shave strokes from your score on the golf course. Practice at home is convenient and satisfying, can be shared with your children and friends, and above all, it WILL transform your game.

A Green for Every Golfer.  Putter's Edge of Arizona also carries a full-range of specialty golf-related turfs including fringes, tee line, and mini golf and everything else you'll need to complete your "Dream Green"!

Whatever your home or business turf-related need, we not only have the approporiate turf for your application, but the design and installation experience to beautifully bring your best ideas to life.

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